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We're the first platform to help influencers price jobs and get paid what they're due for sponsored posts. We've created this to provide transparency when working with brands by finding how much brands pay and helping your price your work based on objective, measurable metrics. Reduce the haggle hassle. Want to start pricing with confidence? Fill out the waitlist survey below to get access to the platform.

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Who Duuz helps?
Duuz helps all social media influencers regardless of their niche, tenure or technical ability. Whether you're just starting out or have been in the industry since the beginning, we're on a mission to get you paid the most for your work.
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Who created Duuz?
A compensation consultant and influencer who was fed up with the lack of information on how to price her work for sponsored posts. On her journey to find the truth, she created a solution for others as well.

Why We Built THis
How does Duuz work?
First you need to understand how a corporate job is priced, but it boils down to- we rely on information you provide to create the formulas and ranges for fair compensation and then we share that range with you.
Why We Need Transparency

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